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Is Technology Destroying Marraige?

people-295145_640A recent news story told of how a husband kept a spreadsheet of his wife’s excuses for not wanting to have sex. Then he emailed it to her. She then, for unknown reasons, posted the spreadsheet on the web site Reddit. The result of this marital problem became public knowledge and will likely prove to be of significant legal value for one or both of the parties.

In matters of family law and divorce, such information can be used as a key source of evidence. Social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and even dating sites can prove to be invaluable and are changing the way legal matters such as child custody and guardianship are decided in court cases.

The truth is, not knowing about the technology available to the average person can do more harm to your legal situation that you can imagine. An innocent post on a an Internet site can be copied and stored for later use. Emails can be especially damaging. Cell phone records of text messages and phone calls are commonly used in both family law & divorce cases and criminal matters.

While it is easy to put the blame on the creators of the web sites for these problems, it is perhaps more realistic to acknowledge the posts simply announce difficulties in the marriage that have long been there. Some people believe that a forum or discussion board is private. Virtually anything posted on the Internet, everything from a Facebook profile to a comment made on a true confessions web site, is permanently stored by someone. You must thoughtfully decide everything that you decide to post anywhere on the Internet.

Access to personal technology and the information it records comes in many forms. A recent situation involved a pornographic video that appeared on an adult only web site. Apparently this was a hidden camera video of a woman engaging in sex with multiple partners. The woman’s boyfriend discovered the existence of the movie, and his girlfriend looked very much like the woman in the video. She denied ever being involved, but this had obvious long term repercussions for the relationship. While adult only sites are not considered “normal”, estimates are that about one-third of all Internet traffic is related to pornography.

The legal implications of social media can have their greatest weight in a court of law. In matters of family law and divorce, evidence that is recorded either through a screenshot, video, or other means is difficult to refute. At the very least, the suspicion of wrongdoing can be enough to sway the decision against you or the other person. Since it is clear that global use of the Internet will only increase, it is vital that you be aware of the legal problems and advantages recording and saving personal information presents.

A data breach can be a serious and costly event

data_securityThe top reason your company needs data security support.

Let’s face it; one of the greatest fears of any business owner is a sudden breach of data by harmful cyber criminals. This catastrophic event can really put a damper on any company and could end up costing millions if the data that has been stolen leads to identity theft. But fear not because there are managed services that can help you prevent such a destructive loss of data, and keep your company safe from lawsuits.

The top 5 reasons most companies get hacked

1. A negligent worker can easily cause a massive data breach. Often times, these negligent workers fail to log out of their computer when going to lunch and some even fail to log out after their shift is over. Depending on the workers security clearance, leaving an open computer to anyone who just happens to pass by can be a serious issue. It only takes a few minutes for someone to download thousands of files and no one would know until it’s too late.
2. Failure to change passwords on frequent basis is another great way to get hacked. If workers are using the same password for all of their accounts and rarely changes them, it’s a safe bet that the chance of getting breached is high.
3. Workers often browse the internet on their lunch break or downtime. While this action may seem harmless sometimes workers visit sites that are less than secure. This is a great way to put your entire system at risk in a matter of seconds. These actions could really get your company in hot water if personal information is stolen.
4. Almost all employees in the company have an email account and with the ever increasing amounts of spam that we are faced with, may lead to a data breach. All it takes is one careless worker to open a spam email containing a virus which may lead to the loss of important information.
5. In today’s world, we all have our smart phones and tablets with us all the time. This makes it easier to stay connected and get the latest news. Many companies even provide workers with these devices to make them more mobile. But often times, workers store sensitive data on these devices and hackers just love it. Cell phones are one of the easiest devices to breach so identity thieves often target them and with great success.

Why not hire a professional IT company to help keep your data safe?

Hiring a professional computer service company to keep your data safe is a wise choice. These specially trained individuals can monitor your systems 24 hours a day 7 days a week and will spot any data breach within seconds. There is nothing better than having a watchful eye always making sure that your data is safe and secure. So if you are running a busy company, why not do something to protect you and your customers from identity theft due to a data breach? Contact a professional IT company today and find out what options are available for your company.

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